Thursday, June 21, 2012

Your Decoder Ring Has Arrived

Do you remember when Ralphie finally decoded the message in A Christmas Story? Well you won't have to wait by the radio for a once a week clue. Thanks to the good folks at the Palestinian Media Watch now you can now what they're really saying:
Israeli term Palestinian Arab term
(Palestinian) Terror Resistance
(Palestinian) Terrorist Resistance member
Suicide (bombing) operations Martyrdom-seeking operations
Palestinian violence Legitimate resistance
Person who was killed Martyr (Shahid)
reciprocal violence Resistance response
Israeli Minister of Defense Israeli Minister of War
IDF - Israeli Defense Forces Israeli occupation forces
Separation fence Racist separation fence
Star of David Six-pointed star
Wailing (Western) Wall Al-Buraq Wall
Temple Mount Noble Sanctuary of Jerusalem
The Promised Land The Land of Palestine
Judea and Samaria (Biblical terms) The occupied West Bank

As they say... go read the whole thing.

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