Sunday, December 27, 2009

Doe, a deer, a dead deer on a couch

I stumbled upon a blog I hadn't read before, called Nobody Asked Me, run by a retired Navy man. Go visit, there's some decent reading there.

By way of flattery, I'm stealing this post and the unbelievable picture that went with it (as usual, click to enlarge):

This is the pull off SR 61 and Adamsdale Rd. in Shuylkill Haven.
The deer was hit there.
The couch was dumped there previously.
Day two the deer was on the couch.
Day three the end table and lamp showed up.
Day four the TV and TV stand showed up.

And then everybody started taking pictures... Read the sign too!

The Trooper had to call PENN DOT and wait because of all the people stopping to take pictures. I LOVE SCHUYLKILL COUNTY!!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tape Measure Zorro

Innocent Bystanders had this video under the heading Tape Measure Ninja... But he's more than that. He must be using The Force too:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Best My Touch Ad so far...

T-Mo must be spending a fortune on, well, a lot of B-list stars for their My Touch 3G commercials. Most of them are pretty lame. Frankly seeing Whoopie Goldberg using a T-Mo product is almost enough to send my back to Verizon... But this commercial is good.

And Sir Charles is getting f - a - t.

Nexus One

Update, 12/18/09: What, no multitouch? Guess I'll wait a little longer...

The Nexus One is Google's handpicked Android phone... possibly coming to the masses in January. Or not.

Big, beautiful screen? Check
Android 2.1? Check
Snapdragon Processor? Check
App storage on SD card? Unknown
Memory, RAM and ROM Space? Unknown
CPU Clock speed? Unknown

3 BIG unknowns, yet as a pretty much Android fanboi I have to put this on the WANT list... but I could do without the light beams bouncing around the wallpaper.

A couple of videos I saw over at Androidspin, but as you can tell they come from a site called Nexus One

Coverage is all over the regular tech blogs and Androidisphere, with Nexus blogs all ready popping up. Check out as an example.

And for comparison purposes, here's a pic of the Nexus One side by side with the T-Mo G1/HTC Dream:

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Science Is Settled

An excellent video graphing the temperatures as inferred from Greenland ice cores. As an aside, note the cooling around the time of Christ as seen on the graph introduced around the 0:40 mark.

This video was produced by "Doc" at The Autopsy. In addition, check out the all ways informative Watts Up With That, hosted by the intrepid Anthony Watts.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Suicide Bombing

A before and after picture. A graduation ceremony for medical students was the target for a suicide bomber in Somalia earlier this month. Who knows why the jihadis pick their targets, but this doesn't seem to be a particularly good "hearts and minds" op on their part. Lesson to Somalis: Don't try to help your self, don't try to help other Somalis...

Note during the voiceover that it seems Somalia's problems are apparently due to the lack of Crusader intervention, or something. The report ends with "Somalia is slipping away." I know this is from Al Jazeera English, but even they have to understand that Somalia is well past "slipping". She stopped being a functional nation decades ago.

We should be updating our maps to indicate that Somalia is, and has been, West Chaosistan, or just another satrap of the caliphate.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Swiss

The Swiss "get it".

Heinlein said "an armed society is a polite society". I think the Swiss must rank pretty highly in that department... Because they sure as hell can bring the rain if they need to: