Monday, June 15, 2009

Iran Elections

Two pictures from the protests in Iran (click image to enlarge). These are from Reuters via Spiegel

First a woman who expresses a little individuality with a great pair of Chucks. However her fashion sense doesn't stop the fat piece of excrement from threatening her. I don't know if she fell down, or was pushed, but the image says to me "stay in the gutter, woman". This to me is Iran in a nutshell.

The second picture reminds me who we are dealing with. Yes, I have sympathy for their situation. I'm disgusted by the fact that the Revolutionary Guards' hired thugs appear to have murdered a protester. But an Iranian election rally/protest is the place for this crap?

Nice. This creep isn't even an Arab. Note too that it appears to be a pro "Imadinnerjacket" rally. Yet this protestor appears to be of the same age as the anti-Imadinnerjacket protesters.

Finally, one more "in a nutshell":

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I wonder if that shiner is from her husband or the government. Does it matter?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why the Lakers are called the Lakers

I'm not an NBA kind of guy... but I still think it's lame that I had to learn this from a Russian woman...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shopping, the Amazon way

I love shopping on Amazon. One feature of the site that's in need of a little work, however, is the "Recommendations For You" bit. Today when I logged in I saw that Amazon thought I'd want a USB Blue Tooth dongle (I've been shopping for A2DP stereo head sets...) ... a PS3 controller... and then two things that really caught my eye - Ghirardelli Chocolate's premium hot cocoa mix (!?!) and... a package of super thin condoms. 100 of them. From Crown-Okamoto. Imagine my surprise....

Hmmm OK. Why on earth does Amazon think I need condoms... let alone 100 of them? I mean, rubbers have a shelf life, don't they? I'd have to use them for balloon animals before they expired...

But I digress. What could make Amazon think I need/want one hundred condoms? Apparently I put something on my wish list:

A video camera? Seriously? Just what does Amazon think I'm going to put on video?

Update: I just noticed that Amazon lists the pricing as "10 used and new from $10.75". In a word - Ick.