Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Was she their first choice?

What qualifies a person to present a letter to the UN expressing the hopes, dreams and aspirations of a people?

Well, for the Palestinians it would appear the best qualification is to give birth to four terrorists.

Mother from hell launches PA drive | Power Line

Thursday, September 1, 2011

What Budget Crisis?

"It must be the recession that's catching up with their budgets," said Allan B. Taylor, chairman of the State Board of Education.

Gee - ya think?

We have some very silly rules in Connecticut. One of them is that the state mandates basic levels of spending for education. It took monumental budget problems for the state legislature to make a change that allows towns to cut budgets if enrollment declines, but only under limited circumstances. That's right - up until this year even if the number of students went down spending had to go up. It's the law.

Now 11 school districts are being informed by the state that their spending levels don't meet expectations.

Connecticut is doomed.