Monday, April 6, 2009

Rogue Cessna

So a crazed Catholic in Canada steals a Cessna 172 and flies it to the US. F-16s "escort" him until he decides to land... in Missouri. WTF? Why didn't the 16s take him out sooner?

Oh, he's a naturalized Canadian, but surprise, probably not a Catholic - he's a Turk.


Charles said...

Maybe a dry run?

He flew over 4 states, if he had had chemical or biological weapons on that plane, he could have caused more than a little damage.

Mark said...

It seems more like he may have been attempting "suicide by USAF".

But let's not fool our selves. This guy's success in flying for HOURS was duly noted by the booger eaters in Asscrackistan and elsewhere.

Charles said...

Absolutely. Al-Qaeda learned something that day.