Sunday, August 10, 2008

Russo-Georgian War

Map from the BBC
It appears that the slip-sliding is over, and it's now war.

Georgia states that they have withdrawn from South Ossetia and that Russian troops control the capital.

Drudge is linking to this story in the Daily Mail calling this The Pipeline War. Just as Not a sheep postulated in a post I linked to earlier.

Numerous outlets report that the Russians have bombed the Georgian capital of Tblisi, a pipeline, and a military airfield and/or the civilian airport in Tblisi. And the Russian navy is deploying to interdict military supplies going into Georgia.

France holds the presidency of the EU. While even the UN could rouse itself for a meeting on the weekend, the EU will wait:

France, which holds the EU presidency, announced that it would host a meeting of European foreign ministers early next week and an emergency EU summit could be held.

The European Union "strongly states its commitment to the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Georgia and its internationally recognised borders and urges Russia to respect them," said a statement released by France.

The EU "underscores that the military actions (against Georgia) could affect EU-Russian relations," it added.

This war has been warming up for a long time. Here's a video of a Russian fighter shooting down a Georgian UAV:


Eric said...

Yup, this has been heating up for a long time. Here's something I posted a year just about to the day before the current hostilities.


Mark said...

I believe this was all but a foregone conclusion when the world allowed Russia to post "peacekeepers" in South Ossetia. They have proved, with each "deployment" that their 'peacekeepers' are anything but peaceful.

And where are the "No war for oil" do-goodnicks now? Oh, yeah... converting their Bush as Hitler effigies into McCain as ??? while blaming the US for Russian bombing attacks.

Karridine said...

Mark, you nailed it! WHERE ARE the 'No bombs for oil!' people? Aren't they allowed to protest this Russian attack-for-oil?

Or is Russia PAYING THEM OFF to lay low? You know, like prostitutes?

Mark said...

The Russkies don't have to pay anyone... they know the Left's hypocrisy will take care of it.

Remember, these people would have no problem going into a Muslim country to prevent other Muslims from killing Muslims (Darfur), but scream for us to pull out of a country where Muslims are killing Muslims (Iraq).

And they revel in their consistency!