Sunday, August 31, 2008

I didn't know I was a Palinista

According to Maureen Dowd, I'm a Palinista:

I think you can get the gist of her Op-Ed (Op-Ed, really?) piece:

This chick flick, naturally, features a wild stroke of fate, when the two-year governor of an oversized igloo becomes commander in chief after the president-elect chokes on a pretzel on day one.


Anonymous said...

I thiiiink Obuma is in trouuuuble! Maybe in 2012 he better pick Pooooprah to run with!

Mark said...

Thanks for dropping by.

I think if BO doesn't win in November, he's done as far as POTUS is concerned. I think the days of parties re-nominating a person who lost an election are over.