Thursday, August 21, 2008

Because you can't build Commie stuff...

without cement...:

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- Mexico urged Venezuela to negotiate with its cement producer Cemex SAB on Tuesday after the Venezuelan government seized control of its cement plants saying no deal could be reached on the terms of a nationalization ordered by President Hugo Chavez.

Mexico's Foreign Ministry said its ambassador to Caracas delivered the message to Chavez's government after Venezuelan officials backed by National Guard troops took control of Cemex plants across the country late Monday.

Ambassador Mario Chacon urged the Venezuelan government to continue negotiations with Cemex under "the principles of dialogue, nondiscriminatory treatment ... and in agreement with the applicable legal standards," the Mexican Foreign Ministry said.

Hugo says: "We've nationalized the cement industries," Chavez said. "It was time."

I guess that means former Soviet Union architects are on their way.

As the proprietor at Little Green Footballs says, "Imagine my surprise".

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