Saturday, August 16, 2008

Light Blogging Ahead

Two both of my readers...

I am taking Mrs. Dangling Invective, and the wee Invectives on vacation. We are co-vacationing with Mr. and Mrs. Pool Bar and their offspring. In addition our mother and sister will be there.

So, this will either be a week full of fun in the sun, or ... We'll be putting the FUN in Dysfunctional Family.

Here's a tool to help in your correspondence with your family members.


Tyler said...

I just got back from a bit of a vacation, well, a history tour. We took off and went up the highway to Coloma, CA where they discovered gold in the 1840's. Erics kiddies can't be that young, he made a post about hs son driving and seeing liberals with their groups of bumperstickers.

Mark said...

Yep - Eric got a big head start on me in the off-spring hatching department... Mine are in elementary school.