Sunday, August 10, 2008

Italians snag 5

The Italians have arrested 5 on terrorism charges:

Five North Africans have been arrested in Italy on charges of conspiring to commit acts of international terrorism.

Police in Bologna say they arrested four Tunisians and a Moroccan and are seeking a sixth man.

They are investigating an alleged international terrorist ring, which they say recruited suicide bombers for Iraq and Afghanistan.
And how does a European country track terrorists and their recruiters?

Investigators had gathered information on the activities of the terrorist group through phone taps.
I certainly hope they had warrants for those phone taps...


Tyler said...

Nah, Mafia took care of that, and anyone else who has a problem with phone tapping.

Mark said...

That's sort of what I meant... Those who froth at the mouth when the US listens in on international calls of suspected terrorists often also believe we should "be more like Europe".

The anti-terror laws in Europe make the Patriot Act look like playground games. We're mere pikers when it comes to "invading our citizens' privacy".