Friday, August 8, 2008

Congressional Races of Note

Michelle Malkin has been reporting on LTC Bill Russell for some time. I like this guy. I wish he were running in my district.

He has retired from the Army, and can now actively campaign... so he shows up on his Harley, at 12:07 AM on the first day he can legally campaign. How cool is that?

Link up with LTC Russel... especially if you are in PA-12!

And another soldier candidate I wish I could vote for: Allen West for FL district 22. I find his story down right inspiring. He basically trashed his career to try to keep his men safe. Now that's moral authority.

And while I'm at it, visit the Iraq Veterans for Congress website. I'm sure they can help you spread your donations!


Tyler said...

Yea, we need more men like this out in CA.

Mark said...

We need guys like this in every state!