Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Red Sox' New Hat

I've let this percolate for over a month. But I just can't get behind the new "alternate" hat for the Red Sox. The hat should have the "B" (not a B, THE B) on it. But the new "alternate" hat is gayer than bike shorts.

I'm OK with the semi-retro road jerseys. But that hat... It would be fine on my 11 year old son, but not on a major league player.

Note: I have a picture of the hat in question, but Blogger just won't let me upload it. Bastards.


Eric said...

Dude...that hat sucks more than anything has ever sucked before.

Mark said...

I just hope it's all some kind of joke. As a 'fan hat', it should be on the rack next to the faux-faded blue, lady-like pink, and the drunk Irishman green hats.

It should not be on a major leaguer's head while playing ball.