Friday, January 9, 2009

F--- You, Penguin

My new favorite place to see what should be cute pictures... made bearable by cutting commentary... F*** You, Penguin.

Check out this post on a snake... who doesn't seem to want to eat:

This snake has zero game:

So this snake was supposed to eat this hamster, but supposedly it decided that the hamster was just too wonderful to eat and now they hang out and stuff. People think this is a metaphor for world peace.

Personally, I'm not impressed. I think the snake waited too long to eat the hampster because there were people watching, and now it's stuck in the friend zone. All they do is hang out and watch TV, and every time the snake says "Hey, wouldn't it be weird if I ate you?" the hamster is like "Haha, you're so funny" and changes the subject. So fuck you, Snake, for making people think world peace is achievable, when all you need to do is grow some balls.

Ironically, you can vote for this blog for the 2008 Weblog awards... in the Pet category...

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