Thursday, January 1, 2009

Days gone by

Happy 2009.... I've been busy with the 'activities of daily living'... and my current compulsion to try a new Linux distro every couple of days. I thought I had broken the cycle on New Year's Eve when I installed opensolaris. Only to find out there's no easy way to get video codecs installed. The one thing that I was really looking forward to was Time Slider in opensolaris.

I blew away a crumbling Ubuntu 8.10 and an unremarkable openSuse install to put opensolaris on my machine. Its installer didn't have a strong partitioner, so I gave it all of my former Linux disk space to convert to zfs.... Which means I spent this morning re-re-repartioning my HD... I made an 8 gig slice for /, another 12 or so for swap (generous, I know, but what the hell?) two 40 gig partitions (one for home, one not used at all - for now), and I pushed another 50 gig or so back to ntfs.

I then installed Linux Mint, a re-roll of Ubuntu. When all is said and done, I'll probably blow everything away when Windows 7 comes out and just run multiple OS's under VirtualBox. I just get the feeling I'll never be able to get away from Windows/M$.

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