Saturday, January 31, 2009


My wife introduced me to the "joys" of having a wiener dog shortly after we got married when we got a red smooth mini. Fenway passed away in the fall of 2007. It really was like losing a member of the family, because she was. This past spring we got another dachshund. Another female red mini, but Liberty (Libby) is a long hair. She's starting to look like an Irish Setter sawed off at the legs.

Bridget over at Numbers not Invited has some great dachshund posts. This one of her two "kids" in the snow has some great pics.


Bridget Marie said...

; - D
Thanks for posting to me and following.
Dachshunds can be the love of your life if you let them!


Mark said...

Dachshunds are great dogs! They will run the whole household if you let them! Since you have 'twins' you're really getting a possible preview/worst case scenario for parenthood!