Thursday, January 29, 2009


According to my daily e-mail from Jerry Remy, we are only 14 days away from pitchers and catchers. This puts me to mind of renewing my Red Sox Nation membership Citizenship and baseball blogs. Some of my favorites include Centerfield, Soxaholix, Sox Nation and a few others. No surprise, they are all Red Sox related.

I just added a link to a blog called touch em all. It's a blog out of LA - Dodger LA, not that fake Los Angeles that's really Anaheim. So why read it, why link to it? It's Alyssa Milano's blog. Yes, THAT Alyssa Milano. Actress, clothing designer and blogger. She would be perfect.... except for her politics.

I think this would look good on my wife:

Let's see what having a picture of Alyssa Milano does for the blog's stats.

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