Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sweden is Burning

At least one city is... Powerline reports that Malmo is beset by riots. What triggered the "youths" displeasure? Why the closing of a synagogue, silly.

Except it wasn't a synagogue... Surprise! From The Local: ...

Westford said the troubles were linked to the recent closure of an Islamic cultural centre in Malmö's heavily-immigrant populated neighbourhood Rosengård.

The owner of the building wanted to use the space for other purposes, and the Islamic centre, which housed a mosque among other things, moved out and handed over the keys.

But a group of young people squatted the office space on November 24th, and police intervened early this week to remove the occupants and empty the offices.

So it took almost a month to evict these "youths"? WTF? I'm sure there was "outreach" or maybe "reaching out" going on during those 3 weeks, but what were the police thinking?

Police guarded the location until Wednesday, and once they left youths tried to occupy the building again.

Ahh, apparently they were thinking there would be trouble... and guess what, they were right.

Riots broke out on Wednesday night, when youths set fires in the area and threw stones and bottles at police. Seventeen youths were detained during those clashes.

"The origin of the riots is the occupation of the building. But that's not really the reason now, now other troublemakers have just joined in, taking advantage of the situation," Westford said.

I wonder if the other troublemakers are Presbyterians... or maybe those radicalized Unitarian Universalists.

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Eric said...

Malmö's been a rancid cesspool for some time now, with much of it considered "no-go" areas by police, fire and EMS.

Damned shame.