Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Dreidel Song... Like you've never seen it before

My sister in law sent me the link to this video... The singers belong to a Seattle men's chorus ensemble called Captain Smartypants.

This is quite likely to be the gayest, cowboy-iest presentation of the Dreidel song you will ever see. Well, at least at this blog.

According to their website (link above):

Captain Smartypants was discovered by Madame Curie in 1913 as she was emptying a test tube. The radioactive slime mold developed in the Paris sewers until it gained consciousness and crossed the Atlantic. Upon landing in America, this new life form sprouted legs and strode across the continent, singing Partridge Family songs all the while. They settled in Seattle where they became quickly known as ‘Those Nine Homosexuals Who Won’t Stop Singing.’

Gays singing a Jewish song. I can hear Islamonut's heads exploding around the world.


Eric said...

Uh...OK, that was weird almost to the point of disturbing.

(Nine homosexuals? I only counted eight.)

Mark said...

You were watching this way too closely...

I should have closed the browser window when the title came up "Brokeback Dreidel".