Friday, November 14, 2008

Android v. Apple

I'm nearing the end of my contract with my cell provider. I have been fighting the itch for a smart phone for quite some time... But now that itch must be scratched.

The three contenders:

Stay with Big Red and go with the BlackBerry Storm

AT&T and the iPhone.

T-Mobile and the first Android phone, the G1.

I don't have all of the info for pricing on the BB Storm yet, but it appears that VZW's data plan will be very expensive. Verizon has a separate tier for BlackBerry devices... But the deal breaker for the Storm - no Wi-Fi. Stupid decision by Verizon. I can't imagine a smart phone without it. I'll go look at one on launch day, but unless it is orgasmic, it's out of the running.

I don't think there is anything more I can add about the iPhone that hasn't already been blogged by others. But... the system is closed tighter than North Korea. Sure some defectors make it out of the hermit kingdom, but most of the peasants are doomed. Why, oh why, is the battery locked down?

That leaves the Android powered G1. Right now T-Mo's network in my area lacks 3G... but on the other hand Android is open and the data plans appear less expensive than Verizon or AT&T.

I'm spending waaaay tooooo much time thinking/obsessing about this.

UPDATE: I just downloaded the Android SDK... I actually started this update using the SDK phone emulator.

One word: hooked.


Eric said...

Having gone from a 3G phone (Samsung Blackjack) to a non-3G phone (Blackberry Curve), I don't miss 3G service. At all. The one thing 3G did for me was drain the battery.

If you've got decent EDGE service, the throughput is almost as good, and unless you're a downloading, video-streaming freakazoid, 3G won't get you much.

Don't let lack of 3G sway your decision.

Mark said...

I really would have thought RIM would use the fastest nets available. The Storm will be/is an EV-DO phone.

I know I'll be ordering the G1. It's just a matter of when.