Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Suicide Bombing

A before and after picture. A graduation ceremony for medical students was the target for a suicide bomber in Somalia earlier this month. Who knows why the jihadis pick their targets, but this doesn't seem to be a particularly good "hearts and minds" op on their part. Lesson to Somalis: Don't try to help your self, don't try to help other Somalis...

Note during the voiceover that it seems Somalia's problems are apparently due to the lack of Crusader intervention, or something. The report ends with "Somalia is slipping away." I know this is from Al Jazeera English, but even they have to understand that Somalia is well past "slipping". She stopped being a functional nation decades ago.

We should be updating our maps to indicate that Somalia is, and has been, West Chaosistan, or just another satrap of the caliphate.

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