Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nexus One

Update, 12/18/09: What, no multitouch? Guess I'll wait a little longer...

The Nexus One is Google's handpicked Android phone... possibly coming to the masses in January. Or not.

Big, beautiful screen? Check
Android 2.1? Check
Snapdragon Processor? Check
App storage on SD card? Unknown
Memory, RAM and ROM Space? Unknown
CPU Clock speed? Unknown

3 BIG unknowns, yet as a pretty much Android fanboi I have to put this on the WANT list... but I could do without the light beams bouncing around the wallpaper.

A couple of videos I saw over at Androidspin, but as you can tell they come from a site called Nexus One

Coverage is all over the regular tech blogs and Androidisphere, with Nexus blogs all ready popping up. Check out as an example.

And for comparison purposes, here's a pic of the Nexus One side by side with the T-Mo G1/HTC Dream:

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