Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shopping, the Amazon way

I love shopping on Amazon. One feature of the site that's in need of a little work, however, is the "Recommendations For You" bit. Today when I logged in I saw that Amazon thought I'd want a USB Blue Tooth dongle (I've been shopping for A2DP stereo head sets...) ... a PS3 controller... and then two things that really caught my eye - Ghirardelli Chocolate's premium hot cocoa mix (!?!) and... a package of super thin condoms. 100 of them. From Crown-Okamoto. Imagine my surprise....

Hmmm OK. Why on earth does Amazon think I need condoms... let alone 100 of them? I mean, rubbers have a shelf life, don't they? I'd have to use them for balloon animals before they expired...

But I digress. What could make Amazon think I need/want one hundred condoms? Apparently I put something on my wish list:

A video camera? Seriously? Just what does Amazon think I'm going to put on video?

Update: I just noticed that Amazon lists the pricing as "10 used and new from $10.75". In a word - Ick.

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