Monday, June 15, 2009

Iran Elections

Two pictures from the protests in Iran (click image to enlarge). These are from Reuters via Spiegel

First a woman who expresses a little individuality with a great pair of Chucks. However her fashion sense doesn't stop the fat piece of excrement from threatening her. I don't know if she fell down, or was pushed, but the image says to me "stay in the gutter, woman". This to me is Iran in a nutshell.

The second picture reminds me who we are dealing with. Yes, I have sympathy for their situation. I'm disgusted by the fact that the Revolutionary Guards' hired thugs appear to have murdered a protester. But an Iranian election rally/protest is the place for this crap?

Nice. This creep isn't even an Arab. Note too that it appears to be a pro "Imadinnerjacket" rally. Yet this protestor appears to be of the same age as the anti-Imadinnerjacket protesters.

Finally, one more "in a nutshell":

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I wonder if that shiner is from her husband or the government. Does it matter?

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