Saturday, October 25, 2008

World Series

So the Tampa Ray Bays (Mike Ditka should copyright that) and the Phillies are tied... and I was still 'conflicted' about who to root for. But a dedicated Red Sox blogger has changed all that for me. Put me in the Phillies camp. Texas Gal is pulling for the Phillies and blows away one of the few reasons I had for tepidly rooting for the Rays.

I could give two shits about whether the AL wins the series - I have no loyalty to any team other than the Sox, much less will I ever feel compelled to root for a team simply because they were arbitrarily placed in the same league and division as my team. Tampa can suck it.

Texas Gal's blog has quickly become one of my favorite Red Sox blogs... It's wicked good. Go visit!

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