Thursday, October 2, 2008

Red Sox Win Game 1... and Pats News

So the Red Sox have beaten the California Los Angeles Anaheim Los Angeles at Anaheim Angels... for the 10th playoff game in a row. I was very worried going into this game...

I check for early summaries to catch up on the early innings I missed, and what do I see at Yahoo sports? Al Freakin' Davis... not content to run his football gulag into the ground, he has to reach up from his scooter to drag my Pats down? Mr. Davis, at long last, have you no decency sir?

Patriots coach Bill Belichick denied Wednesday the claim by Raiders owner Al Davis that New England had a workout with Randy Moss before obtaining him in a trade with Oakland.

Davis said Tuesday that the Patriots had tampered with Moss before the deal in April 2007 that brought the wide receiver to the Patriots for a fourth-round choice that year on the weekend of the NFL draft.

“I’ve told the story about Randy many, many times,” Belichick said in a conference call with members of the media covering the 49ers, “and the first time I ever talked to Randy was the Sunday morning of the second day of the draft last year.

“So that’s the first time I met him. That’s the first time I talked to him. There was no workout. There was no other contact with him.”

Davis made the tampering accusation after ending a news conference in which he announced the firing of coach Lane Kiffin.

I think it's time that the Commissioner of the NFL sits down with Al and explains a few things - namely when you fire someone with a contract you have to pay him (I think Davis still owes money to Shanahan for Pete's sake)... and secondly, your crazy Hitler in the Bunker management style is killing the team and harming the league.

I hope Kiffin gets a job at a good Division 1 school. A switch to NCAA would probably be a good fit for him.

And Al? Hands of my Patriots, you fetid freak.

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