Sunday, October 10, 2010

Google Car

So Google knows where I live, (Google Maps, complete with property lines), who I call (Android user and Google Voice user), who I e-mail (GMail), where I go (Google Locale), what I'm shopping for (Google Shopper), what I'm looking at (Google Goggles,Google Image search), and what I'm interested in (Google Search, Google News, Google Books, Blogger, YouTube, Google Earth, etc.).

Well, now Google is experimenting with cars that drive themselves. I for one, welcome our new overlords from Mountain View.

I think it's great. I can't wait to buy a car that has this technology. Google knows everything about me anyway, now Google can get me where I need to go. And since I use Google Calendar, they know when I have to be there. And I can spend that extra time using more Google products. Genius.

I wonder if they'll use it to make their Street View/Spy cars into fully autonomous SkyNet patrol vehicles...

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