Sunday, March 28, 2010

Burger Control

How stupid is this? The Health Care Reform package signed into law has a provision that requires chains with 20 or more stores to post the calorie counts on their menus. So every item on the menu will have to analyzed by a nutritionist or a lab to determine the calorie count... and any change would have to be re-analyzed. I guess we should expect menus that all most never change... Ed over at Hot Air has a good post on the subject.

This provision, like so many, doesn't fully kick in until 2014. But that's not fast enough for this tool in Vermont. He wants a state law to make the counts appear on menus in the Green Mountain state starting in 2011. Good to know they've got all of their problems in VT fixed so they can focus on duplicating federal law.

Meanwhile, over at TIWYF... Cupcakes Wellington

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