Monday, January 25, 2010

Symptom of poor leadership: Bad Lying

One President. One administration. 3 officials from said administration. 1 "party line" on jobs created? Not so fast, my friend. According to Politico, three flacks from the administration were on three different shows... and gave three figures for the fabled "jobs saved and created" meme:

White House advisers appearing on the Sunday talk shows gave three different estimates of how many jobs could be credited to President Obama’s Recovery Act.

The discrepancy was pointed out by a Republican official in an email to reporters noting that “Three presidential advisers on three different programs [gave] three different descriptions of the trillion-dollar stimulus bill.”

Valerie Jarrett had the most conservative count, saying “the Recovery Act saved thousands and thousands of jobs,” while David Axelrod gave the bill the most credit, saying it has “created more than – or saved more than 2 million jobs.” Press Secretary Robert Gibbs came in between them, saying the plan had “saved or created 1.5 million jobs.”
Read the whole thing to get the quotes in more context. But you'd think a well oiled machine like the Obama administration, run by the best and the brightest could at least have a huddle and settle on one lie before they fanned out for the Sunday yak-shows. Maybe they are getting their statistics from, a website that makes up Congressional districts and can't even get zip codes right.

Jarret did speak some truth. The jobs saved were government jobs. I have nothing against teachers, cops, etc. I, in fact, am employed by government. We government workers are net drains on the economy. And we do not deserve more consideration than folks in the private sector.

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