Saturday, October 31, 2009

Project Valour-IT, or It's Payback Time

Until 11 November the fundraising gadget at the top right will have pride of place in this dump.

Think if it as a tip jar for those who have given more than just a few years of their lives in service to the nation. Project Valor - IT is a program run by Soldiers' Angels. They trick out computers for our wounded service members. Stuff like Voice Activated laptops for vets who have lost hands/arms. Their moto is "Technology for the wounded", but I think it goes beyond the hardware.

The fundraising is divided into "teams"; Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines. (I think the Coasties should have a team too). There is one goal, but we like our parochial rivalries. As I type the grand total is just north of $35 thousand dollars. Please help

Give till it hurts. Then give some more. Donations are tax deductible. You're employer may even match, so ask at work.

And while I have you - head over to our esteemed team captain Greyhawk at the Mudville Gazette... Mrs Greyhawk has an interesting Halloween line up in honor of Project Valour-IT.

But I do wonder why they use the British spelling for Valor...


Rita Hennessey said...

But I do wonder why they use the British spelling for Valor...

I could've sworn it was an acronymn for Voice Activated Laptops [for] OUR Injured Troops, but now I can't find whatever page I thought I read that on.

And I think the Coast Guard had their own team last year, but with a rather small return, so I guess they went back to pooling with the Navy.

Thanks for posting the link!

Mrs G said...

Rita, You're correct on both counts :)