Sunday, September 27, 2009

Celtic Heritage


I attended a Celtic festival in Hartford, CT called Pipes in the Valley. To me, nothing say "Celt" more than a butt load of knives, swords, axes and balls and chain.
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Rita Hennessey said...

I forgot that it was this weekend. I wanted to see 7 Nations that Eric said was such a great band. Dang!

Did you stay for any music?

Eric said...

We're gonna have to come up for that next year. Sounds like it was a great festival.

Mr. Bingley said...

sounds like a fun time! I just gave my old set of pipes away to an aspiring young piper this weekend; just don't have the time to play them anymore.

Mark said...

You are a piper, Mr. Bigley? I think this makes you an official Renaisance Man. Or something.

I can not imagine what sounds issue from the pipes when in the hands of a beginner.