Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Dog that Didn't Bark

I snapped the above picture in Memorial Plaza located within the Coalition Compound of my home away from home here in "Southwest Asia". As you can see there are several flag poles that proudly display the flags of the USA, Qatar, Australia, Canada, France, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

What's missing?


Charles said...

I give up. What's missing?

Mark said...

In my opinion, what's missing are the flags of "partners". Let's face it, except for the Brits and Australians, most of NATO exists to hold our coat while we do the heavy lifting.

This base supports operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Horn of Africa. I think the Germans and the Italians could do something to help support here. I know the Germans have a ground presence in Afghanistan operating under restrictive rules of engagement. I'm not asking the to provide bombers (they don't have any), but maybe a few airlifters or even tankers. I guess it's too much to ask?